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Welcome to the AI LAB Lübeck

Open Data Platform

Machine Learning starts by getting the relevant and useful data. AI LAB Open Data Platform offers a collection of publicly available data sets for testing, training and benchmarking by developing AI software systems. It covers different domains and types of data.

About Us

We are a team of researchers at the University of Luebeck, working on different AI projects and providing data sets that you can use for your own projects. All of the data is stored on our AI LAB servers in Germany. We share our expertise in AI and aim to establish a collaborative community of experts, who are willing to do the same.
All of the data is stored on our AI LAB servers in Germany and is free to use under the corresponding license. If you want to share your own datasets, you may need an account by AI LAB Lübeck.
Open Data Platform is a part of the AI LAB Lübeck Platform, a powerful infrastructure for AI development, and has a direct and fast integration to make the data upload even easier.